My name is Aryan Sharma. I’m 21 Years old & a positive Pet Expert

Since my childhood, I have been obsessed with animals, and I have spent my entire childhood watching & learning about them on Discovery, Animal Planet & National Geographic.

I came from a family of animal lovers & till now we have owned two Dogs (Bhuro & Sam), one Cat (Lucy) and many Fishes.

My obsessions include (Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish).

My Vision

This is a site created by me for pet lovers with the purpose of sharing knowledge about pets. If you are someone who is curious about pets and want to know more about them, this is the website for you. Here, you can find information about pets with essential details like their traits, behaviours, lifespan, etc. You can also know the prices of different pets in India through this website and choose the most suitable ones for you.

Welcome to my blog PetExpert.in!