Bull Dog Price in India With Buyers Guide (2023)

Tenacity is the word that comes to my mind when I hear ‘Bulldog.’ It is popularly known as English or American Bulldog. You will be surprised to see that these attention seekers were known for their fighting strengths.

These dogs were initially used for killer sports like Bull baiting years ago. There is a massive change in their characteristics and a bit in their appearance—the original breed of Bulldog was known for their aggression and strong, long muscular body build. After the sports got banned, these dogs were adopted as pets, and thus they lost their strength with time.

A bulldog has a broad skull, a muscular body built with short legs, and loose skin falling around its face. These bulky looks and their unique, intense face make them seek attention as people want to talk to them. Bulldogs make great pets now and are suitable for modern living conditions. I have covered all the details you need to know in this article.

Be aware that they like to be in the company of their owners and would not bear the separation anxiety if left alone for hours. So, plan to bring one home if you have a reasonable amount of time with your sturdy friend. 

If you are also fascinated by their looks or qualities and plan to buy one then read our article to find out what is Bull dog price in India.

Bull Dog Price in India

Bull Dog Price in India starts from Rs.7,000 and it can go up to 50,000 now this mainly depends on the gender of the bulldog, quality of the puppy (standard or show quality), breeder’s reputation and where you live and where you buy the dog from.


Well, talking about the factors responsible for the pricing of a Bulldog puppy are mainly –

1) LOCATION – Pricing depends on where you want the puppy. And how far is the breeder available from which you want to buy. This will add the transportation cost to the price of the puppy. As Bulldogs purebred is rarely available in metro cities, it tends to be costly. 

2) BREEDER REPUTATION – This factor is the most important from which breeder you purchase your puppy. Although, we always recommend adopting a puppy rather than purchasing one. However, if you are buying it, make sure to buy it from a reputed breeder who can guarantee what he claims.

3) QUALITY OF PUPPY – This means the puppy is of show quality or pet quality. Always go for a pet-quality pup as it is best for petting purposes only. The better the dog’s bloodline, the higher it will be in pricing, and the show pups will be thousands higher in price than a pet puppy.

4) MALE / FEMALE – Pricing also depends on whether the pup is male or female. It depends on your preferences and what you want that completely makes no difference, but it’s just a matter that the male puppies are a bit higher than the female puppies.


We recommend you to buy bulldog puppies only from a well-reputed breeder who can guarantee the quality of the original breed and convince you that he is not selling a crossbreed. This is the first thing you can do to be safe from buying a low-quality pup.

As a new owner, you will not get the surety by looking at the puppy as it is a fact that English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Bully kutta, all of their puppies, share the same looks. If you plan to buy it, make sure you read and learn maximum about the specific breed. It would be best to insist on meeting the puppy’s parents and not to buy from the local pet shop.


The Bulldog is the oldest native of Britain, and it is said they were noticed first in 1500. This breed was used earlier for the practices of bull-holding and bull-baiting. They were also in dog fights, which was why their physical development into a muscular-strong breed of that time.

All of these practices were banned in 1835, after that Bulldog breed was not that popular, but then they were adopted as pets to make good companions and watchdogs.

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The English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog of muscular build and compact body. These dogs have tiny legs; they have a shorter appearance. It has a vast body structured around the upper part of the body, and you can see extra skin around its skull area.

Bulldog’s eyes are sunken deep with a black nose on his face that can be identified as a broad base and large nostrils. Similarly, it has a wide jaw with massive skin around the face. It has a short tail that can be curled or straight. The coat of the English Bulldog is fast, smooth, and glossy.

They are available in various colours like red, solid white, solid red, fallow, fawn, white, and pale yellow, or there can be patterns like brindle, speckled, flecked, and ticked. Their weight ranges from 18 to 22 kgs, and their height is nearly 15 inches.


The English Bulldog is a social and friendly dog. They can make a great companion as it gels well with all family members. As per their solid build, their courageous attitude makes them considered an extraordinary watchdog.

Bulldig should be socialized from an early age with children and with other people to develop the social trait. You have to train your Bulldog the way you want him to be, use the rewarding method and be consistent. It may take some time to make him learn. After he gets/ adapts your command, he will become very good at it.

They can be lazy and stubborn at times, so make a proper day schedule for him, including essential exercising and walking. Casual walks are necessary for this dog to maintain health and prevent some of the common diseases caused by not exercising.

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The Characteristics of a Bulldog are lovable, social, non-aggressive and adaptive. They are mostly quiet and do not bark until needed. These dogs have attention-seeking personalities, and they are also easy to groom and maintain.

They have a solid body build with short height, which makes them look more intense than cute. Their life expectancy is around 8 to 10 years. Due to the flat nose, they are prone to breathing issues, sneezing, and snoring, and are anesthesia sensitive. Bulldogs can not tolerate hot and freezing climates.

If they are outside, be aware to notice if your pet is feeling uncomfortable; if you sense something unusual, you should get him in immediately. Always keep clean water available to your pet buddy for drinking, especially take more care in summers.

By nature, these are not very active dogs; they like to rest most of the time indoors, but when it comes to the security of their home or human family, they are very particular about it. These dogs are considered courageous, and they do it better as watchdogs for your house.


It is easy to house-train a Bulldog puppy with consistency and patience. They are fast learners but can be slow and stubborn at times. It is highly recommended to start training your little companion early. They can be encouraged to follow your commands by rewarding snacks and food. They are tough, so they adapt well to their environment.

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The Bulldog is easy to groom and does not need much attention. They have a short, glossy coat that shreds normally. A weekly combing is required to minimize the shredding all over the place. You can increase combing frequency in shredding seasons.

Bathing them with shampoo helps maintain the cleanliness and health of your dog. After their mealtime (especially wet meals), make sure to wipe out their wrinkles and loose skin around their face to maintain proper hygiene. However, it is recommended to take your Bulldog for regular vet visits for scheduled vaccinations and to keep a check on their health.


There are a few benefits you can have if you pet a Bulldog-

  • Bulldogs make good watchdogs for home. 
  • Bulldog’s muscular and broad look threatens one with bad intentions, and it beware beforehand.
  • Children will love to play with them as these dogs are not aggressive, so it is easier to handle them.
  • Bulldogs are great companions for senior people as they will always stay with them with no demands for exercising. Just a short walk is all they will cherish.
  • Low maintenance and grooming requirements make them favorable for all households.
  • Bulldogs adapt very well to apartment life. They only require a comfortable space to relax; how small and big does not matter.
  • The temperament of a Bulldog is excellent. You can easily keep them with you, and they will be patient and adapt to your environment. 


Original Bulldogs are rarely available in India due to the crossbreeding practices that most pet shop owners and small breeders do for profits. So, buy your bulldog puppy from a well-reputed and certified breeder who guarantees the genuinity.

Having a Bulldog will be a good experience, especially if you are a first-time parent because they don’t require much grooming and maintenance. Also, they are loyal and lovable to their pet parents. Make sure you don’t have busy schedules and outdoor travelling in your plan, as they want you always by their side.

They are great companions for older people who want a loyal company and have time for their pets. You can talk to your pet for hours as it will like to listen to you while resting on the couch next to you. And you can enjoy short walks every morning and evening with your pet buddy.

FAQs on BullDogs


Yes, Bulldog is a good family dog. They can make a perfect companion by your side, and they socialize well with children and other family members. It would be best to start introducing them to people as early as possible.


Yes, Bulldogs are not active dogs; instead, they are so lazy at times that you need to force them for a casual scheduled walk. They like to stay and rest most of the time indoors. It is always recommended to move upon the scheduled walks for your dog to prevent them from weight gain problems. Make them do some essential exercises to maintain their health.


Nothing comes easy, you know, but it is good news that you can house train your Bulldog puppy with patience and consistency. If it is not easy, it is not that difficult too. Keep in mind whenever you are planning to adopt or buy a Bulldog puppy, start to train them from day one. This will make the puppy listen and understand what you want him to do. 


Yes, Bulldog loves to be with their human family all the time, and when left alone for long hours, they can start barking and mess around with things due to separation anxiety. Bring one home if you have enough time to be with them and you are not going to leave them alone at home. 


If you want to know the fact directly, the answer is no. Bulldogs at present are not so active; they are smaller in size and loose-jointed. They have low physical strength in comparison to what they had earlier. Bulldog’s original breed was so strong that it was used to tackle the bulls in bull-baiting. And the Pitbulls have Bulldogs as their ancestors. But after baiting was banned, the Bulldogs were adopted as pets, and their strength was affected. 

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