Cockatoo Price in India (2023)

Looking to bring home a Cockatoo. Read to know everything about them in detail. You will find here information about the personality, behavior of Cockatoo, and also how to care for them, what to feed them, and most importantly what is cockatoo prices in India.

The Cockatoo species belongs to the family of ‘Cacatuidae’. There are 21 species of Cockatoo, they are majorly available in white, black, and grey color. They are also known as Velcro birds as they always wanted to be around their pet parent.

They are friendly, playful, and energetic birds that can make good pets but with some conditions applied. Do you want a friend by your side to chat with? Well, A Cockatoo can be your answer! Read the complete article to know more interesting facts about this bird.

Cockatoo Price in India?

The price of Cockatoo in India starts from Rs.1,50,000 and can go up to Rs.20,00,000 depending upon the type of Cockatoo that you want.

Price of Cockatoo in Various Places in India

Mumbai – The price of Cockatoo in Mumbai is between Rs.2,00,000 to Rs.20,00,000.

Bangalore – The price of Cockatoo in Bangalore is between Rs.2,00,000 to Rs.17,00,000.

Delhi – The price of Cockatoo in Bangalore is between Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.18,00,000.



Personality-wise cockatoo is friendly, fun-loving and energetic. They can be your best companion with whom you can speak your heart out or may have a usual talk. You will never feel alone by a cockatoo’s side. They like to be in your company and they are emotionally attached to their companions.

In captivity, the pet parent is their companion to whom they are attached too. Sometimes they are unpredictable. One moment they are excited and the other moment they are irritated. That’s why you need patience and experience to handle this sensitive bird.


We recommend that you must have a handful of experience with petting a bird before you opt for a Cockatoo. You must be completely ready after knowing all the factors of having a rational bird who can be your companion for years to come but they don’t easily accept new changes in the family, for example, a new pet or a newborn infant. They demand your time, care, and affection.

Cockatoo doesn’t like to be alone so you need to check your availability for them. If they feel neglected they can be aggressive and loud. You can provide them with some toys and keep the bird in a large cage as they need space to play and do the activities. From feeding adequately to bathing them. You need to maintain hygienic surroundings for them so that they don’t fall sick.

Also, note that these birds emit powder dust so if you are allergic think wisely because we want you and your pet both happy and healthy. You can also opt for air purifiers in case it is feasible for you.

When it comes to feeding them you must take care that the food you are offering must be interesting as they are not going to be on bird seeds only. They are quite a foodie and choosy in their food. In the wild, they search for crop grain, nuts, seeds, and coconuts. They like to be offered Avi cakes, Pellet berries, and Nutri berries.

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The common disease found in Cockatoos is PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease). It is a viral infection that can be acute or chronic on birds. In this disease, the feather growth stops, it also attacks the claw and beak of the bird causing malformation and cell injury in the form of necrosis. You can prevent this only by maintaining good hygiene of the bird and surroundings.

Secondly, it is recommended that you should take care of your bird’s diet. As they also demand a balanced diet, if their diet is too high in fat, this will make them suffer from fatty liver disease and obesity.

Apart from this, the Cockatoo has a habit of pulling out their feathers. You need to take care and teach them not to do it as they don’t have enough instinct.

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Here is an interesting fact – you can talk to your pet friend! Yes, that’s right cockatoos can speak just like you. This quality makes them more special pets who can chat with you. They will learn your vocabulary, the basics words or maybe some phrases too. Cockatoo is a happy and fun-loving pet. They like to be with you and this also makes them desire your care and attention. They have a sharp sound and loud volume at times for different reasons. If they need your attention, want to play, feed or if they want to be uncaged. They express all their needs, anger or disagreement by screaming out loud. Even if they are happy and excited they shout out. If you are planning to bring one home consider the fact they are a lot like kids they will shout when you want them to be silent.


A Cockatoo can be your friend forever as they rejoice along with their pet parent for quite a long time. If given a happy and healthy habitat some species of cockatoo bird can complete a century of their existence successfully. The actual life span varies as per the species of the bird you are opting for. In general, the Cockatoo lifespan ranges between 20 years to 100 years of age.

According to a study, the highest lifespan was recorded at 92 years for a Cacatua Moluccensis or popularly known as ‘Salmon Crested Cockatoo’.

We can say that if you are an adult and you want a companion you can bring a cockatoo as it will stay with you for a lifetime.

Types of Cockatoos

Here are all the 21 subspecies of Cockatoos:

  1. Baudin’s Black Cockatoo
  2. Ducorps Corella
  3. Gang-Gang Cockatoo
  4. Cockatiel
  5. Yellow-Crested Cockatoo
  6. Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo
  7. Glossy Black Cockatoo
  8. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo
  9. Blue-Eyed Cockatoo
  10. Goffin’s Cockatoo
  11. Galah Cockatoo
  12. Little Corella
  13. Red-vented Cockatoo
  14. Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo
  15. Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
  16. Moluccan Cockatoo
  17. Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
  18. Palm Cockatoo
  19. White-Crested Cockatoo
  20. Slender-Billed Corella
  21. Western Corella

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Pros & Cons of Cockatoo

  • Easy to train

  • Intelligent

  • Lifelong companion

  • Energetic

  • They are very expensive

  • They make a lot of noise



Yes, cockatoos can make a good pet as they have a very friendly nature and are easy to train. If you own a cockatoo, then you will never be short of entertainment as a well train Cockatoo can do tricks and mimic speeches.


Yes, Cockatoos can talk but remember that they are not known for their talking ability. If you want a parrot that can talk, you should get an African Grey Parrot as they are very talkative.


No, Cockatoos are not good birds for first-time bird owners as they require a lot of care and attention. If you are a first-time bird owner, you should consider buying Budgies or Love Birds.

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