Munchkin Cat Price in India (2023)

Munchkin cats are a social, friendly and affectionate new breed of cats. These can be easily classified on the basis of their short legs. There are three different leg lengths available. Due to the short leg length, they are also called ‘Dwarf cats’.

They may be small in size but big in their characteristics and temperament. They are fun-loving and have cute kitten-like attitudes in their adulthood also. Munchkin cats can easily gel with other pets in the house. They are lovable to children, adults and senior people.

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Munchkin Cat Price in India

The price of a munchkin kitten in India ranges between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000. The price of a munchkin kitten varies on many things such as because of factors such as pedigree, the breeder you buy from, and the cat’s sub-breeds.


Munchkin cats are the gorgeous cuddly, cute cats. A Munchkin cat can be categorized by their short leg length. They have three sizes of leg lengths-

  • Standard Leg Length – This one is almost similar to the other cat breeds.
  • Super Short Leg Length – This is a visible short leg to classify a Munchkin cat.
  • Rug-hugger Leg Length – This is the shortest size of the Munchkins on earth. 

Munchkin cats have two kinds of coats – a medium plush coat with short hair and a semi-long silky coat with long hair. The popular coat patterns in this breed are solid, bi-colour, tri-colour, colour-point and tabby. Also, these cats are available in many colour options like white, black, grey, brown, cream, beige,tan, fawn, lilac, chocolate and cinnamon.


Munchkin cats are curious, intelligent and playful cats. They have a kittenish attitude even when they are adults. They are very social, active and like to be in human company.

They love to play and cuddle in the lap of their pet parent. These cats make a lovable and charming pet for the family and also for the other pets at home.

It gets along quite easily with your home environment and with the family. Munchkins like to play with kids, cuddle with adults and show a great companionship with seniors. 

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Grooming Care – Munchkin like other cats will not bother you much. A little care for their grooming is required on the basis of their coat. If they have short hair coats then they need weekly combing and if they have long fur coats they will be needing frequent brushing to maintain untangled healthy fur. To maintain their hygiene you can give them a cleaning bath. As they jump, climb and play actively with toys you need to trim their nails. 

Health Care – For a healthy and happy pet baby you need to feed it well on quality as compared to quantity. If you have pets, always try to maintain a hygienically safe environment for them and for the whole family. Make sure you should not only clean your cat but also its litter box and other places if they need attention. You can weekly clean up the litter box with a non-fragrant mild cleanser and then set it for use again.  

Veterinary Care – If you have a kitten munchkin, make sure it gets all the vaccinations on time and do take your cat for frequent health checkups at the veterinary clinic. If your cat is an adult, once a year a visit to the vet will be enough if it does not show any sign of concern.

Parent Care – Munchkin cats are adorable pets and they love to cuddle in the lap of their pet parent. Make sure to spend some time with them to play and cuddle with your cute loving pet baby. When you are not available, provide them with cat toys, scratching posts and cat trees (recommended low height cat tree for Munchkins).

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Munchkin cats have been examined by experts and veterinarians, they found the reason for their short leg length was a natural genetic mutation though this breed is quite new in existence and there is no evidence of any other genetic disorder.

Noticing the short leg the experts claimed that this breed can suffer from spinal issues as the short dog breeds are facing some issues. But fortunately, no such problem occurred with this beautiful adorable breed till now.

They are similar to the other cat breeds in health concerns. A loving and happy environment will be good for your kitty’s mental health. A nutritious balanced diet with adequate water intake will be sufficient to maintain its good health.

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The history of Munchkin cats has interesting findings. This is a new breed found accidentally when a lady named ‘Sandra Hochenedel’ found two pregnant cats who were attacked by a stray dog. She saved them and kept one as her pet.

When the kittens were born, they were short legged. She named one ‘Blackberry’ and kept it as a pet,while the other kitten, named ‘Toulouse’, Sandra gave it to her friend.

So, Blackberry and Toulouse are known ancestors of this short legged, super cute and human-loving feline breed.


  1. Munchkin cats have a unique quality of perching like a prairie dog on their hind legs.
  2. These felines make funny poses while standing, sitting or laying down just like human poses.
  3. Munchkin cats are the most active sprinters.
  4. Munchkin cats are almost like other cat breeds, just the fun fact that they are short due to leg length which also makes them the cutest breed.
  5. Munchkin cats are also known as Dwarf cats or Sausage cats due to their short legs.


  1. Are Munchkin cats considered a healthy breed? YES
  2. Munchkin cats are an active breed? YES
  3. Do Munchkins make a good family pet? YES
  4. Munchkin Cats are highly social with humans and other pets? YES
  5. Professional cat food is the best nutritious food for your Munchkins? YES
  6. Munchkin’s short leg length is due to a natural genetic mutation? YES


The average lifespan of a Munchkin cat is around 12 to 15 years. Some health issues can occur with time due to the short legs of Munchkin cats. But with good care and healthy nutritious food, you can make your pet live it to the fullest of their life span.


Munchkin cats need a nutrition-rich diet, which comprises animal-based fats and proteins. The best source of this nutrition is professional cat food available in the market. Professional cat food helps in building the muscles and bones strong. These are the healthiest options for your feline’s complete growth.


Yes, Munchkin cats can jump as they are a cat breed after all. It is just their build of small legs as compared to the other cat breeds which makes their jumping capacity varied. Their jumping capacity depends on their leg length. Munchkin cats have three categories based on their leg length, namely – 

Standard Leg Length

Super Short Leg Length

Rug-hugger Leg Length

The Standard Munchkin can jump higher and cover long distances than the other two categories. And the Rug-hugger can comparatively jump very low with a short distance covered.

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