Top 4 Best Bernedoodle Breeders?

A  Bernedoodle is a very loveable, affectionate family dog. This breed is a product of Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle. His charming personality attracts everyone to him. Their bond is stronger with children and this bond gets stronger as they grow up with them. They love to play with their families and crave cuddle sessions with their favorite person.

Their variety includes mini, micro, and Australian Bernedoodle. In most cases, the Bernedoodle is medium in size. The pet owner can choose from a large variety of sizes depending on the breed of Bernedoodle they are looking to adopt.

Also, when it comes to size, the standard size for some breeds is about the same as all other breeds; sometimes there is variation in the size depending on the type of breed.

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in the World

When you look at the list of Best Sellers for various colors of Bernedoodles, we will also give our recommendation. As well as that, the price for this breed is also given below along with the breeder information.

1. Central Illinois Doodles

This breeder is located in Carolina, they produce very active and healthy puppies. They fully trained their breeds. You can buy different varieties of Bernedoodles based on their coat color, size, and price ranges with 4 years warranty.

You may not see a lot of Bernedoodle owners around you because this is a relatively new breed. You can search Bernedoodle owners on various platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. this breed doesn’t shed too much and lives longer.

2. The Bernard Dog Group

This breeder is located in California; they named him “Takumi”, which means “The Tiger King.” His home is surrounded by waterfalls because of his passion for being a sportsman who was the first in history to win two Olympic gold medals in one race.

They are mainly known for producing high-quality dogs for show dogs. In addition, not only do they sell dogs, but they also provide puppy and kitten supplies for both puppies and kittens. Their website addresses them as “The Bernard Dog Group.” The price ranges from $2500-$3000.

3. Alpine Bernedoodles Colorado

The breeder is currently having 9 breeds and 2 puppies to the rescue. This breeder was founded in 2003 by its owners and it takes three years to get your contact information and a couple of months to wait for your dog. They offer more than 350 breeds in a wide range of sizes for dogs, including terrier, border collies, bulldogs, German shepherds, and pug puppies for adults and puppies too.

One of the main items in their store is a huge selection of toys for children and pets. They also do animal adoption programs and help to adopt animals and animals in need. To take a free pick of the products, find their store, call them, or follow them on Instagram.

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4. Sacramento Bernedoodles, California

This breeder is located in Sacramento, California. It is also quite close to the famous Petco, where many people in the area attend meetings. With an excellent rating for safety and hygiene and good results, there is no doubt that they will make any kind of mistake and will not regret making this decision.

This breeder began in 2014 with its original line of black and white puppies, however, in just the last few years, they started offering mixed and black pups and even white puppies as well. This breeder is the biggest for dog lovers, so they definitely won’t disappoint you in getting quality, affordable and safe Bernedoodle puppies.


On top of that, most of the Bernedoodle breeders offer a great selection of toys for Bernedoodle like kennel accessories, covers for kenneled beds, food bowl covers, car seat covers, and bags, a lot of which will fit into a small backpack for easy transport and much more. Not only for kids, but for adults, they offer a vast array of adorable Bernedoodle kits that will allow you to play with your pooch.

Try to approach a reputable breeder to avoid any trouble. Always try to meet your breeder in person and collect full information about the pet. Make sure to have the pet’s documents after your deal is done.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to care for a dog, just contact any of the above-mentioned breeders. Their website features lots of photos of the puppies and they have lots of videos on social media, so you can always visit their webpage to watch a video of your own and see which kind of puppy they have for sale.

On the same site, there is a live meet to learn more and to ask questions on things, which will help you decide if the breeder is right for your needs.

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