Charlie Taylor

Top 10 Popular Pets in India

1) Dogs

Dogs are by far the most popular choice of people looking to own a pet. Dogs are loyal, and they dedicate all their lives to their owners. They are active, enthusiastic, and best for people who have children in their house. Dogs can keep you physically active and help you deal with stress and anxiety.

2) Cats

Cats are adorable and known for their good memories. They are independent animals and can take care of themselves. A cat can keep Itself busy all day long. Cats are also great with kids, and they don't need professional training like dogs. They are also ideal pets for apartment living.

3) Rabbits

Rabbits are affectionate, child friendly, and very easy to handle. They are playful and bring positivity to your house. Rabbits are also wonderful entertainers. Rabbits have calm and quiet nature and can adjust comfortably to small places. Rabbits are gentle creatures, and they do not necessarily need your attention.

4) Parrots

Parrots are known to be one of the most important bird species globally. They can easily respond to human commands, be a great companion, and keep you entertained the whole day by making different sounds and mimicking common household sounds. They have human-like behavior. Parrots are easy to train and have a longer lifespan than other pet animals. 

5) Fish

Fish are known as silent beauty as they add color and beauty to our house. They can be the best pets for children and the elderly. They don't require any attention, and unlike other pets, they don't need any kind of grooming. Fish are very reasonable to get and have low maintenance. 

6) Guinea Pig 

Guinea pigs are social creatures and love companionship. They come in various colors and sizes but typically have short fur and no long tail. One of the most important things to keep in mind before bringing home a guinea pig is that they are a long-term commitment. They typically live for around 5-7 years, so you’ll need to be prepared to care for them for a significant length of time.

7) Horses 

In India, owning a horse can be a sign of prestige and wealth. Many people keep horses as pets and enjoy riding them for pleasure.  Horses are beautiful animals that provide companionship and entertainment.

8) Sugar Glider 

‘Sugar Glider’ are little notorious yet cutest creatures that belong to the marsupial family. They are called gliders because they can glide a reasonable distance, arms opened.  Sugar Gliders make friendly and lovable pets if tamed and supervised well.

9) Hamster 

Due to their cute little faces, Hamsters are great little pets to interact with. They have a playful nature and can be a good pet if you want to teach responsibility to your children. They also require less work compared to a dog or a horse. Hamsters are very fun to watch, and they also don't make a lot of noise.

10) Turtle

Most people don't know this, but Turtles are intelligent animals. Turtles are playful, and they live a long life. They are also very unique, and they are a perfect pet for those people who like to keep reptiles.