Why is DNA Testing a Necessity for Your New Puppy?

Getting a new puppy is one of the happiest feelings you can ever experience. The joy a furball can bring into a house is unlike anything else. They have a way of making everyone around them feel infinitely better, even on their worst days.

However, having a puppy does not necessarily mean it’s all rainbows and sunshine. Taking care of a puppy involves a lot of work, from cleaning up after them to taking them for vaccinations and making sure they don’t fall sick.

Most of the time, it’s quite difficult to assess whether your dog is sick, especially with newborn pups. One of the critical things that you must do for your pup’s health is to get their DNA test done. They’re quick and painless, plus they provide a lot of important information about your pup’s health history. This in turn, can help you understand what to look out for and how to be prepared should your puppy fall sick. Let’s take a closer look at what Dog DNA Testing entails.

What Exactly is Dog DNA Testing? 101 Guide

Dog DNA testing is the study of dog genes, it includes all information about your pup like their appearance,behaviour, andpredispositions to certain diseases. Such tests are helpful in providing information about any potential genetic conditions a dog could be susceptible to.

Regardless of how self-sufficient we want our dogs to be, they aren’t the ones administering this test. It’s the pet parents rather. Traditionally dog DNA testing was conducted by vets in the labs, but these days we can order at-home kits which is why it’s gaining momentum and more popularity in India.

  • Understanding the Procedure of Dog DNA Testing

The process of undertaking an at-home dog DNA test is quite simple, you receive a swab kit and a vial that is used to store the sample. You run the swab stick across your pet’s inner cheek and save the saliva in a vial which is then collected by a representative. The catch being you shutting the vial tight so there remains no scope for contamination.

  • How Accurate are the Results of a Dog DNA Test?

Dog DNA testing should be as accurate as possible because it gives pet owners an idea of what their puppy’s future might look like. It assists them in understanding the potential conditions that their dog may be susceptible to. So far, research and findings indicate that dog DNA testing is highly accurate, which is supported by pet parents’ opinions.

  • How to Purchase a Dog DNA Test Kit?

Dog DNA testing can be done from the comfort of your home since there exists some brands who provide reliable dog DNA test India and deliver it right to your doorstep. They can be used and mailed back to determine the conditions your pet could be predisposed to from the report delivered. It usually takes around 2 to 4 weeks.

Four Reasons Why Dog DNA Testing is Necessary

PuppyDNA Testing assists pet parents detecting any genetic defects or any sort of anomalies in their dog’s DNA. And in the unfortunate case of there being one, they can work on coming up with a plan with the vet to minimise any discomfort their dog might face and help simmer the symptoms. We have listed down a few reasons necessitating the importance of dog DNA testing for every new pup.

  1. Detection of Diseases

Dog DNA testing can help pet owners know in case there are any discrepancies in their dog’s DNA and how to better prepare if and when they come to wake. Many congenital defects have been identified thus far, owing to their large genetic pool and sometimes specific mutations that can lead to potentially dangerous diseases that, if detected early on, can be prevented.

For instance, a common orthopaedic problem like dysplasia. Other similar diseases they might be predisposed to are allergies, inherited cancers like lymphoma, mast cell tumours, hypothyroidism, and bladder stones.

  1. Insights into Behaviours and Traits

Dog DNA testing can help you learn more about your dog’s temperament and behaviour. There are many things to consider here as dogs can have different genetic compositions, but dog DNA testing can be extremely beneficial. With the DNA Test, you may be able to determine why your German Shepherd is far more playful than they should be; this could be due to the presence of a Labrador gene in your dog’s DNA.

  1. Choosing the Right Mate

We can confidently say that the benefits of DNA testing are not just limited to puppies or easy to train dog breeds. Dog DNA testing can also prevent cross-breeding among dogs to reduce the chances of serious diseases. Based on the genetic composition of your dog, a suitable mate can be found to ensure that succeeding generations are less likely to be affected by any genetic illness.

The process of dog DNA testing for cross-breeding prevention is a relatively new and emerging science. Nonetheless, it’s a very important one, as it aids in preventing inbreeding.

  1. Adoption Process

Dog DNA testing also aids in the adoption process by providing pet adopters a better understanding of what diseases the dog may be prone to in the future during their growth or old age. It would be useful in cases where most adopters learn about the condition of their adopted dog much later, when it is too late, and end up abandoning them on the streets.

Dog DNA test kits are extremely beneficial to both adoption centres and prospective pet adopters. This helps to weed out insincere adopters because only the most genuine people would come forward to adopt a dog who is predisposed to a serious illness as predicted through a DNA test kit.


The world of genetic research is growing every day. Even dogs are not kept out from the benefits of these studies. And just like humans, dogs have genetic issues too, identifying these can help them live better lives. A piece of advice to all new dog parents, bring your puppy home with a DNA Testing kit. It is just as important, if not more, than getting your new puppy vaccinated.

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