Doberman Price in India, Appearance, Temperament & More

If we talk about the best guard dog breeds around the world, Doberman cannot miss out for sure. Here is all about Doberman and Doberman Price in India.

Dobermans is recognized for being lively, obedient, smart, courageous, faithful, alert, and confident, unlike other dog breeds. Doberman is a very wanted dog breed in India due to its excellent abilities in guarding and protecting homes.

The Doberman has a black, dark red, blue, or fawn coat and is short, smooth, and shiny, along with colored markings on its face, body, and tail. Dobermans requires very minimum grooming and is an average shedder. According to IAdoreAnimals, one of the interesting facts about animals is their life span; a Doberman lives up to the age of 10-12 years.

In India, the southern part has some of the best Dobermans; thus, the location determines the puppy’s price. The price is mostly affected by the ongoing demand for the dog in the market and by the factor of its breeding process meets the breeding standards.

Is Doberman Banned In India?

Although it is not illegal to own a Doberman in India, However, in 2016, the import of foreign dog breeds for commercial and breeding purposes was banned by the Indian government (DGFT). The import was allowed for only the country’s defense forces, police forces, and some research and development organizations. Also, if the people already own a pet before its implementation and have all the necessary documents to act as proof, they can import them.

Even though breeds like Doberman are renowned in India, these dogs are often abandoned due to their high and difficult maintenance. Also, Dobermans cannot completely adapt to India’s climatic conditions.

Doberman Price in India

Most people perceive that the price of the Doberman puppy is hindering people from owning it. However, the reality is the expenses are at a different time than the time of purchase, but it starts after you bring the puppy home.

Becoming an owner of a large dog like the Doberman is costly, and the high prices of dog food and puppy accessories will give the owner a hard time.

The prices of Dobermans in India are quite reasonable and reasonable. In India, the average cost of a Doberman pup ranges between ₹10,000 to ₹40,000.

Doberman Price in India

Factors Influencing Doberman Price in India

Given below are some crucial factors that influence Doberman Puppy’s price.

1) Quality of Doberman:

The quality of a Doberman puppy is the determiner of its price. The breeders use this “quality” to define if the puppy conforms to its breed standards. The Doberman breed is recognised and certified in its pedigree by the Kennel Club of India. In India, most of the titles are in dog shows, including numerous best in show (BIS) awards. KCI follows UKC (United Kennel Club) breed standards won by the Doberman breed.

2) Gender of Doberman

In India, the price of a male puppy is much higher than a female puppy. However, you should not let it influence your decision to choose the best puppy that suits you and your family.

3) Honest and Reputable Breeder

Although if you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, the price will be must higher. But at the same time, it will ensure you get a top-pedigree dog. It has often been seen that many dog lovers get fooled and buy mixed breeds of crossbreed.

4) Bloodline of Doberman

In India, there are two popular bloodlines. The European Doberman has an aggressive and alert temperament and is best suited as a guard dog. On the other hand, the American Doberman has a mild temperament and is best suited as a family dog.

5) The demand for Doberman

Demand is also an essential factor influencing the Doberman breed’s price. These dogs are very popular in large cities, so prices are expected to be much higher there.

6) The Location from Where to Buy

The location also acts as a determiner for the price of Doberman. These dogs are more prevalent in the South Indian states than in other parts of the country. Hence, the puppy’s price in South India will be more than in any other country.

How to Choose an Original Doberman in India?

Choosing a purebred puppy and not a crossbreed is a very complicated process as almost all the puppies look cute in appearance; it becomes impossible to tell the litter’s pedigree by looking at them. The new dig owners might even mistake a Doberman puppy for a Rottweiler puppy.

Before purchasing a puppy, it is crucial to learn about the Doberman breed. To identify the originality, you can refer to its breed standard.

You must buy it only from a reputable breeder to reduce the chances of fraud.

Never buy a dog directly from the pet shop, but first, insist the pet store owner take you to the original breeder and demand to meet the parent dogs.

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Adopting a Doberman Vs. Buying

Raising a dog from a puppy will require a lot of work; its socialisation and training also depend on you. The puppy phase can be very challenging, but once you have passed that stage and successfully raised your pup, who will enrich your life, you will undoubtedly be proud of yourself.

If you plan on rescuing a dog, there are many unpredictable variables, and it will be more troublesome than buying it from a breeder. The process is often time-consuming and will need a lot of research and patience, especially if you are searching for a purebred dog.

Questions To Be Assessed Before Buying Doberman in India

Can a Doberman turn out to be a family dog?

Due to characteristics such as its association with humans, being pleasant and playful, and being a credible dog that can be used for guarding, the “Doberman” can be an impressive family dog.

One of the essential characteristics of the Doberman is that it can be a very protective dog when it comes to protecting children in the family if they have grown up together, have been socialised, and have at least some respect for each other.

Can You Get Hurt by a Doberman?

They are a specific breed of dog that serves a purpose in terms of personal security. They can have varied traits concerning the situations around them, i.e., sometimes brutal and vice versa, but they have the characteristic that they don’t attack their owners, with only one dog having this trait. Except for the Doberman, all other breeds can attack their owners, causing potential harm, which is a differentiator concerning other pups.

Can a Doberman be an Aggressive Dog?

The use of police dogs as protection and security dogs is a historically associated event that led to creating a vociferous and brutal image in the eye of strangers. Fear of anticipation and anxiety will lead to a condition known as Dobie aggression, which creates an inner desire in them to protect their domains.

Can Leaving a Doberman Alone be Dangerous?

You have to consider the time your dog should spend in isolation. When a dog is left alone in a deserted area, it may exhibit uneasiness in its behaviour, including violent barking. Scientists discovered that a puppy’s desire changes every four hours and that eight hours might be too long.

Is a Doberman Interested in Cuddling?

The speciality of a Doberman is that they are known for their loving and caring nature. Cuddling is an inherent trait seen in them while you are busy watching TV sitting on your couch because these animals love the company of humans to keep them warm during harsh and severe winters.

Does a Doberman Have the Capability to Bond with One Person Only?

Generally, Dobermans do not differentiate between the people in the family, but they usually fall for the person who spends more time with them, gives them food, etc. In addition, they have a stronger inclination towards those who give them training in obedience, treatment, and care.

Are Dobermans Naturally Protective?

The Doberman’s wide domain is being trained as a guard dog because they are very protective by nature and must guard and keep their owner safe.

They can also deter unknown individuals and keep them away from your property. The Doberman is trained in such a way that he is wary of unknown people and may show indications of apprehension and uneasiness if a stranger comes too close to your property. They consider it their duty to keep their owners safe for as long as possible and will steer them away from any threat.

Does a Doberman Possess a Smelling Ability?

When it comes to the Doberman breed, the consensus is that they cannot smell; but if he does, then many factors may come into play. Some of them are medical illnesses:

  • A yeast infection infecting him
  • A condition in his ear
  • Skin problems
  • Possibly others

If there are yeast infections on the skin, ears, or feet, this can be a factor causing the yeasty odour.

Some dogs are allergic to the food they are given. Certain ingredients, such as grains, red meat, and chicken, can be sensitive to dogs, which may give them itchy and foul-smelling skin.

Can a Doberman be Domesticated as an Indoor Dog?

They are the dogs who want to live with the family, even though they are comfortable both indoors and outdoors, but the former is preferable. Some of the activities to their liking are energetic and motion-loving; the Doberman always strives for attention, so every activity comes to their preference, which involves spending time with family members.

What does a Doberman’s Leaning on You Imply?

If your dog leans on you, it could be for various reasons, including comfort; if they are anxious or stressed out, it can have a positive effect and lead to assurance in you. It can mostly happen if you are the person your dog is most closely associated with.

If your dog tends to lean on you, then it is your responsibility to give him the assurance that he needs, along with security. It can be shown in several ways, like holding your dog, petting him with your hand, or simply being close to him. Always remember that if your dog leans on you, there is a reason for it, which is usually a need for support, so be patient and understand what your dog wants.

Doberman History

A German tax collector, Louis Doberman, gets full credit for breeding the first Doberman dog. He also worked as a dogcatcher in the Apolda region. The popularity of this impressive dog breed is still a secret. Although some assumptions have been made, the current fact about its propagation is that it is a mix of three breeds: Rottweilers, Black and Tan Terriers, and German Pinschers.

It is renowned as a supremely brain-accommodating and spiritful dog. When it comes to its uses, it has relevance as a family guardian and for some military work.


Doberman Appearance

Appearance-wise, the Doberman is medium in size and squarely built with a solid, muscular physique. The head of a Doberman is usually long, and the skull is flat. The colour of the nose of the Doberman depends on its coat’s color; If

  • the black dog than a black nose,
  • Blue dog, then a dark grey nose,
  • Fawn dog, then a dark tan nose,
  • The red dog than a dark brown nose, and
  • The white dog then has a pink nose.

Dobermans have a pretty almond-shaped pair of eyes which usually consists of various shades of brown, but mostly it depends on its coat’s colour. Naturally, Doberman’s ears are cropped to keep them erect. However, many breeders are trying to keep them naturally low nowadays.

Dobermans could get characterized by their broad chest, cropped ears, docked tails, straight legs, and flat hard coats. The colour of the flat coat might be black, blue-grey, black with tan markings, white, fawn, or red. It usually has markings above its eye, fore chest, muzzle, legs, tail, feet, and throat.

Doberman Temperament

Dobermans are super-active and super-intelligent by nature. Once you get a Doberman, you are getting an extremely trustworthy, full of playfulness and loyal dog as your partner that will be a new member of your family and enrich you and your family life.

He is protective by nature and will never take back a step in a situation of danger and won’t hesitate to react once he feels your family is in danger. However, they are usually calm and will never show aggression or be threatening without any reason.

Dobermans prefer to remain engaged, both physically and as well as mentally. They are a quick learner, and it is very easy to train them. Due to their ability to learn quickly, keeping the training interesting and fresh sometimes takes time. If he is provided with kind and consistent leadership by his owner, he wouldn’t display over willfulness or overly stubbornness and can even put forward his ideas and thoughts.

Doberman temperament is affected by various factors, including training, socialisation, and heredity. The Doberman puppies with good temperaments are usually playful and curious and love socialising; they are willing to be introduced to different people and like to be held by them.

Doberman Characteristics

1) Active

Dobermans are very energetic by nature, and there exist very few dogs that could match the level of energy of a Doberman.

2) Attentive

If you have been looking for a guard dog for your family, then Doberman is undoubtedly the best choice for you due to its natural tendency to remain alert and watchful of its surroundings at all times.

3) Persistent

The determination level of a Doberman is very high.

4) Courageous

Among all the dogs, the Doberman breed ranks the highest in fearlessness. This dog breed is fearless in all situations.

5) Faithful

Doberman is one of the most loyal dog breeds you could find.

Doberman Trainability

Dobermans have a natural ability to learn very quickly; hence, they are very intelligent and can be trained effortlessly. However, they are quite dominant; hence the owner must pay special attention to their changing behaviour and act accordingly.

Due to their innate protective characteristics, they sometimes show aggressive behaviour. This behaviour can be controlled through proper socialisation with other animals and people at a young age.

Doberman Grooming

Dobermans only have a short coat; even if you groom it once a week, it will easily help manage their shedding. However, it is advised not to use human soaps and shampoos on them, and it is not recommended to bathe them more than once a month.

Doberman Exercise

The Doberman breed is a very intelligent, strongly built, and vigorous energy breed dog. To maintain good health, prevent boredom, and release too much pent-up energy, they must be given at least 1 to 2 hours of exercise daily.

Boredom and too much pent-up energy are one of the main culprits of behavioural changes in dogs. These behavioural changes include destructive behaviour, nuisance barking, digging, and even escaping.

This provided exercise requirement is for a healthy adult Doberman. The exercise requirements for the growing and developing pups will differ based on their needs and energy level.


Doberman Health

If someone wants to keep a Doberman in their house, then they will need a large area to move freely due to its high activity level. The characteristics of their being highly energetic will make you ensure a prerequisite, which is a fenced yard with a large area. Aside from that, a Doberman has a strong desire to put their body through exertion and play around with different games. They have an infatuation when it comes to training sessions and swiftness classes.

The prerequisite that should be considered concerning a Doberman is that you should have a well-suited large space to roam around for him, but if you do not have that, then it is advisable to keep that dog, which has little space and attention requirements.

They are among the most intelligent breeds, with the requirement that they are kept busy to avoid boredom. Playing with them regularly and teaching them new commands and tricks are two activities that can be done to keep them entertained—anything that can help in their mental development. One should always consider that these activities should be incorporated into the normal schedule of the family because if a day or two passes without these activities, then there might be a fit of aggression in their behaviour, which should be avoided.

Doberman Nutrition

A nutritious diet is an unconditional requirement for a dog, which will help keep him healthy. Not keeping up with a healthy diet may lead to several problems, like diabetes or obesity. While shopping for dog foods, one should look for a superior-quality diet such as those available in supply stores. A diet consisting of foods with a high calorific value will result in high energy levels and be beneficial for the Doberman’s development. When training your dog, you should always consider rewarding him with nutritious food.

Wheat, soy, and corn are some foods that should be avoided when feeding your dog due to their indigestibility. While giving food to the dog, you should always consider giving them a high-protein diet like lamb or beef.

Alternatives to a Doberman in India

A Doberman cannot withstand the high temperatures of the tropical zone, so you must give them extra attention and care if you want to keep them with you. If you need more knowledge of a Doberman, consider choosing other options concerning pet dogs. Then these Indian-origin dogs can meet your selection requirements. They are also suitable for indifferent climatic conditions and necessitate fewer vet visits and care.

Indian dogs similar to Dobermans

  • Caravan or Karavan hound
  • Kanni dog
  • The Chippiparai or shippinparai
  • Soriala greyhound and sarail hound
  • Poligar hound
  • Mudhol hound
  • Rampur greyhound

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Summing up

Dobermans get characterised by a high level of intellectual ability and an innate protection capability, which led to associating them with the title of “excellent guard dogs.” Before purchasing a Doberman, several associated costs must be considered.

Due to their massive body size, a good amount of food and care must be given to these breeds. The annual expenditure you can incur on your dog’s welfare is 90,000 rupees. One of their characteristics is that loyalty is their associated ability, making them great for families and children.


How much does a Doberman cost in India?

“Doberman” costs between $5000 and $20,000, and buying them from bred litters or trusted stores is always advisable.

Is Doberman banned in India?

There has been a ban put in place by the Indian government to prevent the import of foreign breeds of dogs that are to be sold for commercial purposes.

Do Dobermans bark a lot?

They possess a barking ability, but that does not mean they keep barking continuously without any reason. They are generally considered guard dogs, so when there is a threat, their barking ability helps the owner get attention when there is an unforeseen danger.

Are Dobermans easy to train?

They are an unqualifiedly trainable breed of dog as long as you begin the process as soon as he is just an evolving pup.

Are Dobermans lazy?

It is that breed of dog that gets bored very easily, so mental exercise has utility for them. This breed was never characterised, so it could be a couch potato or exhibit laziness.

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