Best Foods To Feed Dogs With Digestion Issues

Does your dog have unfortunate digestion problems? If so, you aren’t alone. Many dogs suffer from digestion issues. Luckily, there are different ways to ensure your dog doesn’t have to suffer too much. By making deliberate changes to their diet, you can help your dog live without digestion problems. At the very least, you can minimize them. Here are some of the best foods to feed dogs with digestion issues.

Best Foods To Feed Dogs With Digestion Issues:

1. Boiled Chicken

The number one food that you want to get into your dog’s diet when they are experiencing any sort of digestion issues would be boiled chicken. This is plain and unseasoned chicken. Boiled chicken is a very safe meal for your dog that is experiencing issues with his/her digestion. Don’t use oil, butter, or any type of seasoning.

These things are only going to exacerbate the issue. Another key thing that you should be doing with the cooked chicken is cutting it into smaller pieces. This can help them digest it easier. If possible, you could shred it. Shredding the chicken can make it even easier for them to chew the food as well as possible.

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2. Bone Broth

This is another good food that you should be looking to feed a dog with digestive discomfort. Bone broth is very healthy for your dogs. According to the AKC, it’s a liquid meal that can help to settle upset stomachs in dogs [1].

This can be a good thing to put over boiled chicken or other safe foods because it can encourage your dogs to eat them willingly. It can help to add some moisture to dry foods or foods that your dog doesn’t necessarily love. If they don’t have a good appetite, it can help to enhance it.

3. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes can be a great addition to your dog’s diet. This is true whether they have discomfort or not. Sweet potatoes are full of different vitamins and minerals that can enhance your dog’s diet. They are full of healthy vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more. The key is making sure that the sweet potatoes that you feed your dog are unseasoned and peeled.

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4. Cooked Rice

You need to be feeding your dog cooked rice. Plain white rice that has been cooked is good for your dog. It’s not only filling, but it’s not going to disrupt their stomach and it’s going to help them get the calories they need. Not only that, but cooking white rice is easy and it doesn’t take much time. White rice is better than brown rice because it’s even blander. You don’t want to feed foods that can irritate your dog’s stomach. Anything that can irritate their stomach is only going to make things worse.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you want to try to feed your dog when they are experiencing an upset stomach or when they are experiencing specific digestive problems. Try to feed your dog bland food that they can easily digest. Avoid anything that is seasoned or anything that can cause digestive discomfort. Plain white rice and chicken is typically the best go-to meal for your dog during these times. If you want to explore additional remedies, you can try a digestive supplement for your dog as well.

However, you can mix things up with sweet potatoes and other things if needed. If your dog doesn’t have a good appetite, throwing some bone broth on top of the cooked chicken can be a good way to try to stimulate it. Use the tips above and you can help your dog get through times when they are experiencing a lot of digestive stress.

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