British Shorthair Price in India With Monthly Expenses (2023)

British shorthair popularity in India is growing day by day, and that’s because of their fun, loving nature and adorable looks. If you are thinking of owning a British shorthair and have doubts such as what are British shorthair like as pet? What’s British shorthair price in india? Would they be a good choice for you? etc. Keep scrolling to find the answers to all of these questions.


British shorthair price in India starts from Rs.50,000 and It can go up to Rs.2,00,000 now this generally depends on the color of the cat, the quality of the cat (Standard or Show Quality), where you live and where you buy the cat from.


If you are thinking of buying a British shorthair, other than its price, you should also know the monthly expenses of owning a British shorthair. The monthly costs of owning British shorthair would be anywhere between Rs.2,500 to Rs.5000.

The majority of the cost would be going to feeding the cat and its grooming. Depending on your budget, you can provide your cat with standard or premium cat food. A standard quality cat food would cost you less than Rs.1,500 a month. In contrast, a premium quality cat food from a branded company can cost you around 2,500.

Other expenses of owning a British shorthair cat are:

  • Toy to play
  • Vet
  • Vaccination
  • Treats


When Romans invaded England approximately 2000 years ago, they brought European wildcats with them to protect their food supplies from rats. When the Romans left England, they left behind these cats. It believes that the ancestors of British shorthair cats are these European wildcats cats.

There was a time when these British shorthair cats were considered ordinary street cats in London, but in the 1900s, this breed almost became extinct because of World War II. After the war, this breed was revived thanks to the efforts of many breeders. British shorthair was recognized as an official cat breed in 1967 by the American Cat Association.

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British shorthair is known for its short, dense, and thick coat. Although they are available in more than 30 colors, Blue-gray is the most popular and standard color found in this breed.

Female British shorthair cats are smaller than males. Male cats weights around 8Kgs. They are also known for their chubby cheeks, thick legs, rounded heads, and broad chests. Because of all these features, this cat breed is also known as the bulldog of the cat world. British shorthair thick and dense coat needs to brush at least once a week.

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When it comes to personality, the British Shorthair is calm and pleasant. They are a very affectionate and sociable cat breed. They can get attached to their owners quickly which make them great a companions. British Shorthair is lazy and loves to spend time alone. If they are socialized correctly, they can also fit well with other cats and dogs. They enjoy playing with small or interactive toys.

British Shorthair doesn’t like to pick up or hold at all. As British Shorthair is very quiet in nature, if you own a British Shorthair you will not find it jumping here and there or opening your refrigerator door. It is very easy to look after British Shorthair as they are a sensible and well manner cat breed. They are intelligent, and you can teach them a few tricks very quickly by giving them treats. British Shorthair loves to be a pet and will strive to receive affection from their guardian.


This breed is known for its hearty appetites, and they will typically try to eat anything they can get their hands on. So if you are thinking of owning British short hair, then knowing what to feed them is very important.

The British shorthair eats wet or dry food. If you own one, you will find that your cat will prefer one food over the other.

If you choose wet food for your cat then, it needs to contain a high quantity of chicken. If you decide to feed your cat dry food, you need to pick a complete dry food option that need to have all the natural and essential ingredients to keep your cat healthy.

Remember that if you make your own cat food at home, you need to research on the ingredients to ensure safety of your cat.

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Unlike other cats, British Shorthairs do not shed very often, and you don’t need to brush them daily, brushing their coat once a week will be fine. Also, it would be best if you cleaned their ears, teeth, cheek every week. You can cut your cat’s nail when you think it is needed.

Obesity is the leading cause of death in this cat breed, and British Shorthairs can get overweight quickly, so it is crucial to give your cat the proper amount of food and not overfeed it. As they are not a very active cat breed. You also need to ensure that your cat does daily exercises like running, jumping, or playing with toys or other pets.


Even though British shorthairs is a very fit and healthy cat breed and can live up to 15 – 20 years, they are prone to some health conditions such as:

  1. Urinary tract and kidney issues – Urinary tract and kidney issues are among the most common health conditions that all cat breeds face.
  2. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – In hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the muscles wall around the cat’s heart get thick, making it harder for the cat to breathe, causing a lack of energy and enthusiasm.
  3. Obesity – Just like in humans, obesity in cats can be due to overeating.

The first thing you can do to ensure your cat doesn’t get this problem is to buy your cat from a reputable breeder that uses healthy adults for breeding. It would help if you also took your cat to a vet twice or at least once every year for a checkup. You also need to make sure that your cat is exercising daily.

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Yes, British shorthairs are a very relaxed and well-mannered cat breed. They enWnajoy their own company and will not suffer from depression if they are left alone for a short period of time (12 to 24 hours).


 British shorthairs are a big and healthy cat breed they, and if you take good care of them, feed them well, make them exercise regularly, and bring to a vet for a yearly checkup, they can live up to 15 to 20 years.


  • Playful and sweet nature

  • Adorable

  • Can be left alone

  • Easy to groom

  • Long lifespan

  • Lazy

  • Health issue’s

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