Siamese Cat Price in India, Appearance, Temperament (2023)

Siamese cats are among the oldest feline breeds known to the human race. Like many others, this breed is native to Thailand, and they have a unique body structure and look. 

They come in a wide variety of colors that you will know in the appearance of Siamese cats. Still, the interesting fact is their coat color changes from environmental factors and their genetic compositions. Some of their kittens are single-toned at birth, and later you will see their color marking appearing on their body.

This marking is due to the cool temperature exposure to the kittens that their color genes start showing on the out body, and this looks beautiful. These cats are popularly homely and make a good pet companion for their human family. If you are interested in getting a Siamese, check out all the details in our article Siamese Cat Price In India.

Siamese Cat Price in India

The price of a Siamese Cat in India can range anywhere from Rs.15,000 to Rs.40,000 as there are many factors that affect the price of a Siamese Cat such as location, age of the kitten, quality of the kitten and breeder’s reputation.

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1) Location

The location where you want to buy your cat plays a major role in deciding its pricing. Where the breeder is available for this breed, you will get it conveniently, and if there is no breeder and you need to import it from another state, the cost will rise.

2) Age of the kitten

People would prefer to get their pet early to develop a bond with them easily. So, the age of the kitten also counts as a pricing factor.

3) Quality of the kitten

The kitten’s quality means the breeding conditions and the overall health quality of the parents. You might have heard of the show-quality pets considered the best quality and are the most expensive in pricing.

4) Breeder’s Reputation

The final factor that decides the pricing is the breeder’s reputation. If the breeder is well known in the market and experienced, they have their charges for providing you with the kitten or services. Preferring to buy from certified breeders or adopt a pet is the best option.

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The history of the Siamese cats is believed to be the oldest known to humans in the feline category. They are found in mentions in the Thai manuscript of the 14th Century. It was also written in the manuscript that ‘Thai cats are as rare as gold and whoever owns these cats becomes rich.’

Today, this explanation also serves as the reason for the rarity of Thai cats. Siamese was also associated with the royal families from the 14th to 18th Century. 

Siamese Cat


Siamese cats appearance is easily noteworthy because of their unique individuality. These cats have toned, and sleek bodies, and they have long, thin legs, a toned neck area, and a lengthy tail. Siamese has a glossy coat with short hair that sheds less, and their impressive blue-colored eyes are their special feature to talk about.

Their bodies have a color contrast pattern means they have a single color body with a pointed contrast area of dark color combination to their body color. Their color-pointed areas are around the ears, legs, face, and neck, which gives them a unique, mysterious look. They come in many colors like dark brown, black-brown, warm brown, blue, gray, tan, white, and lilac. 



They are very social and talkative cats, and they always want to be around their people and follow them wherever they go. They are smart, active, and playful felines who enjoy human company. And that is why they get to be an affectionate pet companion for their pet parents.

If you are planning to get one home, makes sure you are a gossiping person as you are bringing home a chattering partner. They are good for families and single owners, and they gel with other pets as well. 


They are healthy felines who need basic care, grooming, and a healthy diet. Being an active cat, it needs daily exercising and playtime to burn out on energy. There are some common health problems that your cat can face at some point. Just for information, have a look at the expected problems – 

  • Liver Disease (Amyloidosis)
  • Dental Disease
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Cancer

Give your furry friend the best life you can by giving them your time and love. Regular Vet visits are recommended to track the health of your pet.


These cats are very intelligent, and thus they are easy to teach and train. They also love to follow your commands, so you will find it interesting to train and play with them.

Being super active cats, they need some activities to perform and different toys to play with, and their human parent’s attention is all they desire. You can provide them with puzzle games to test their intelligence. 


They have short coats, and this makes them easy to maintain. All they need is weekly combing and bathing, trimming nails, and cleaning ears. They look elegant and gorgeous with this much grooming only, and you have no toil of their shedding and hair-cutting needs.

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We hope to give you all the information regarding the Siamese cats In India. If you have any questions in mind and want to know any further details, please comment and let us know. We will be happy to answer your concern. A Siamese Cat can be your perfect companion if you want one to be with you all the time to chat, play, cuddle, and follow you around happily. We wish you happy pet parenting!

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