Bengal Cat Price in India (2023)

The Bengal cat, one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, can make an excellent pet in India. A popular choice among Bengal cat owners, they have an array of interesting features and personality traits that make them extremely lovable pets.

If you are considering buying this cool feline pet then you should definitely read up on its history, physical appearance, availability and bengal cat price in India? so that you can decide if it would be a good fit for your home and family. Here’s everything you need to know about Bengal cats in India!

What is Bengal Cat Price in India?

The price of Bengal Cat in India start from Rs.20,000 and it can go up to Rs.3,00,000.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Bengal Cat in India

The cost of a Bengal cat in India can vary depending on a number of factors:

Breeders – Bengal cat can depend on the breeder. Some breeders may charge more for their cats than others, depending on the quality and rarity of the breed.

Age & Colour – The cost of a Bengal cat can also vary depending on the age and color of the cat. Young, black Bengals tend to be more expensive than older cats or Bengals with lighter fur.

Domesticated or Bred – In addition, the cost of a Bengal cat can also depend on whether it is domesticated or not. Domesticated Bengal cats typically cost more than those that have not been bred in captivity.

History of Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat has a unique and interesting history. This breed of the feline is a hybrid, meaning it is a cross between two different species. Bengals were bred from mixing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domesticated cat. The hybridization was first attempted in the 1960s as a way to create a more agile and colorful pet cat. The Bengal Cat has since become one of the most popular breeds of domesticated cats in the world. Bengals are known for their striking coat patterns, intelligence, and playful personalities. They make excellent pets for those who have the time to devote to their care.

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Bengal Cat Appearance

Bengals are stunning creatures and make beautiful pets. They have a sleek, spotted coat and striking green or gold eyes. They’re often compared to leopards, and their wild appearance definitely adds to their allure. When it comes to personality, Bengals are high-energy and playful, making them perfect for indoor living. They’re devoted companions who love spending time with their families, so they’re sure to keep you entertained!

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Temperament and Character of Bengal Cat

Bengals are incredibly active cats, and they love to play. They’re also very curious and love to explore their surroundings. Bengals are generally very friendly and affectionate, but they can be quite independent as well. They make great pets for families with children because of their energetic personalities, but they can also be a great choice for singles or couples who want an exciting, playful pet.

Grooming of Bengal Cat

Bengals are short-haired and don’t require a lot of grooming, but they do need to be brushed regularly. Monthly brushing should suffice, but you may need to brush them more often if they have a long coat. Brushing will help remove excess hair and distribute oils throughout the coat, which will keep your Bengal healthy and looking sleek and shiny. Use a good quality brush (like our Boar Bristle Brush) and be gentle—you don’t want to hurt your kitty!

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Pros & Cons of Owning Bengal Cat

  • Intelligent

  • Affectionate

  • Good Family Cat

  • Entertaining

  • They Have Litterbox Trouble

  • Bengal Cat Love to Scratch


Bengal cats are perfect for house pets—here are some FAQs to help you decide if they’re the right choice for you:

1) Are Bengal cats good with kids?

Bengal cats often love children and are very playful. However, it’s always important to supervise any interaction between kids and pets to avoid any accidents.

2) Do Bengal cats need a lot of space?

Bengal cats are very active and love to explore, so they definitely need a good space to run around and play. A large yard or several rooms in your house would be perfect.

3) Do Bengal cats bite?

Bengal cats are not known to be especially aggressive, but like all animals, they can bite if they feel threatened. It’s important to socialize your Bengal cat from a young age so that it knows who is in charge.

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4) Are Bengal Cats Good Family Pets?

Bengal cats are great family pets. They are loving, playful, and get along well with children and other pets. They do require some basic training, but with patience and consistency, you will have a well-behaved Bengal cat.

5) What Makes Bengal Cats So Special?

Bengal cats are one of the most popular house pets today. What makes them so special? First and foremost, Bengals are beautiful cats. With their sleek coats and varied Patterns, they are sure to turn heads. But Bengals are more than just pretty faces.

They are also highly intelligent and active cats who need plenty of stimulation. Bengals love to play and interact with their families, so they make perfect pets for people who are home a lot. They also require less maintenance than some other breeds, making them ideal for busy families. If you’re looking for a playful, active cat who is also strikingly beautiful, a Bengal is a perfect pet for you!

6) Do Bengal Cats Like to Be Walked?

Bengal cats love to be active and playful, so regular walks are a must. They’ll enjoy exploring their surroundings and taking in all the new sights and smells. Make sure you have a good harness and leash, as Bengal cats can be quite energetic. It’s also important to keep an eye on them during walks, as they’re known to be hunters and may take off after a small animal or bird.

7) Can Bengal Cats Be Left Alone?

Bengal cats are known for being very active and playful. They love to explore their surroundings and have a lot of energy. This means they’re not the best pets for those who are out of the house a lot or who don’t have a lot of time to spend with their kitty. Bengals need interaction and plenty of toys to keep them amused. If you’re out of the house a lot or don’t have much time to spend with your cat, you might want to reconsider getting a Bengal.

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Final Thoughts

Bengal Cats as pets are a great alternative to dogs and cats, especially for those that prefer less rambunctious animals. The best part is that they’re generally easier to care for than many other types of cats, which means they’re ideal companions even for novice pet owners. Bengal cats will add an element of excitement and curiosity to your home without being overly needy or high-maintenance—making them a great addition for anyone interested in adopting a new cat!

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