Budgies Price in India (2023)

Budgie are cute, playful, small, and affordable birds that can mimic humans and are easy to train. Many people call budgies “beginner birds” because they think that it is easy to take care of a Budgie compared to other birds, but that’s not true at all budgie requires as much attention as a large parrot.

Budgie is also known as “parakeets” or “Budgerigars,” They are one of the most popular types of caged birds in the world thanks to their ability to talk, colorful & cute looks.


The price of baby pair budgies in India is usually between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000 but some special sub-spices of budgies can cost you as much as Rs.13,000.

Price list of pair sub-species of budgies :

Sub Species of Budgies (Pair)Price
Common BudgiesRs.500 to Rs. 700
Rainbow BudgiesRs.800 to Rs.1000
Fallow Budgies Rs.800 to Rs.1000
Red Eyes Budgies Rs.900 to Rs.1200
Tufted or Crested BudgiesRs.900 to Rs.1100
Show Cross BudgiesRs.2000 to Rs.2800
King BudgiesRs.2500 to Rs.3000
Hogoromo Rs.5000 to Rs.6000
Exhibition Local BudgieRs.7000 to Rs.8500
Exhibition UK budgieRs.9000 to Rs.12000
Helicopter Rainbow Rs.10000 to Rs.12000
Helicopter Rainbow SpangleRs.12000 to Rs.13000



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Even though budgies are very inexpensive and might not cost that much to buy, taking care of them can be expensive. Budgies need a large cage, preferably a flight cage, and then you need to fill that cage with lots of toys and enrichment. They also require vet care and high-quality fresh food.

You have to make sure that the diet you give your budgies should consist of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and minerals supplements. A nutritionally balanced diet will ensure that your birds get all the proper nutrients every day. Improper feeding can cause illness and nutritional imbalances.

Seeds should make 30% to 40% of the diet, and many vets and birds experts recommend that you give them seeds every morning in small quantities. Other than seeds, you should feed for budgies with fruits and vegetables. To make sure that your budgies live a healthy life, you should provide them dark green and yellow vegetables daily.

Try giving your budgies fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, grapes, apple, pumpkin, carrot, parsley, sweet potato, mango, and spinach. Feed your budgies raw fruits and vegetables as cooking them takes vital minerals and nutrients away. Although this may sound a little unusual, if you want, you can also provide budgies with boiled eggs and grated cheese as they are a good source of protein.

Make sure to keep the food that you provide your budgies fresh and that you give your budgies have many different options to eat every day. You can feed your budgies seeds and pellets every day. Fruits, vegetables and soft food should be feed to them every alternative day. Eggs or cheese should be feed to them once a week.

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Budgies are very playful, gentle, and energetic in nature. They are parrots which means they are very intelligent they can be trained to talk just like any other parrot. Budgies can become a very loyal companions. They are also very sociable birds, so If you have only one budgie, then the chances are that it won’t do well, especially when it’s isolated, so it is recommended to get a pair of budgies. Still, one thing to remember is that budgies in pair may not bond well with their guardian and may also not talk/mimick fluently.


Just like any parrot, budgies are also capable of mimicking humans. They can be challenging to understand as they are not as good as a cockatiel or African grey parrots when it comes to mimicking humans. You can teach them a few easy words, but sometimes It can also be quite challenging to teach them to speak. Other than the ability to mimic human speech, they can also mimic some different sounds such as opening/closing of doors, squeaking chairs, and the sound of text messages from your phone. Male budgies are better at talking compared to females.


These birds are native to the Australian continent. In Australia, they are founded in large flocks in grasslands. Wild budgies are a little smaller in size compared to the budgies that we see in the pet shop. Other than that, there is no difference between a pet and wild budgies.

In 1840 an English naturalist brought budgies to Europe from Australia for the first time. After that, they quickly became popular and favorite pet birds. Between 1840 to 1894, they were exported in huge numbers from Australia to Europe, but in 1984, the Australian government imposed a ban on the export of budgies. Till 1950 they have become wildly popular in America and other parts of the world.

If you go to buy budgies in pet shops, you will find that there are two types of budgies available: the American budgie or the English budgie. In India, you will find that American budgies are mostly available in pets shops. English budgies are of high quality, and people usually buy them to participate in exhibitions and shows. Still, even though they have different appearances, both American and English budgies belong to the same species.

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Like any other birds, Budgies are prone to many diseases such as goitres, tumors, and other conditions due to seed diets like psittacosis and obesity.

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Budgies Pros & Con

  • Loyal

  • Intelligent

  • Make wonderful pets

  • Talkative

  • Noisy

  • Require regular exercise

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